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Advancing technology and deteriorating health

It’s not that difficult to see when the eyes and mind are open to true observation how technology is marketed to us with the underlying tone that ‘We must continue to advance at pace”. Whether it’s a space race, arms race or 5G race, the message is to achieve it before competitors or the enemy, where here the enemy is any other country that doesn’t follow the overarching controlling narrative. We are programmed through all available means to accept the story fed to us. Unfortunately only a few of us see society as a construct of measurable controls based on scaled economics. On the plus side, social media has allowed us to communicate these understandings, share ideas and open each others minds. How long this channel will be open is anyones guess. Within this control system is a polarising process that pits one against the other and has been used as a concept for centuries. The arguments lead to definitive opinions and misinformation with the ultimate aim to confuse and perpetuate the age old disagreements of racism, gender pay gap, vaccines, 5G, chemtrails etc. Not everything is black or white, there are actually many layers of grey to all the inconvenient truths.

Deep down I like to think we all know it’s all a control game and technology is a big contributor to the delivery system. It is quite evident where technology in some areas has been allowed to advance and not in others. Why has it taken over 100 years for a better solution to the petrol engine when computing and microchip tech has advanced incredibly? A petrol engine still uses the same basic energy conversion principles from when it was first invented. Before petrol engines, the first mass produced cars were actually electric and New York had thousands of charging stations for the Baker Electric cars in the early 1900’s. The batteries from which Thomas Edison of light bulb fame was the designer. The continued advancement of big oil no doubt the driver and suppressor in this instance.

Many great ideas over the years have been buried and you can see the controlling elements throughout society, and we as oblivious, debt laden, distracted members have lost the intuition to see this for what it is. More importantly, we are very quickly losing the ability to be critical thinkers and for a few of us that are, we are shot down in a hail of conspiracy bullets because we have a opinion which challenges the mainstream programming.

Personally, I fail to see some of the mass benefits we have all been promised from technology and its apparent conveniences. We fall for the controlling narrative time and time again and now addiction and FOMO (fear of missing out) rule the roost in between distraction and every other element that contributes to our lowered dopamine, intuition and universal interconnectedness.

If we ask the question, ‘Is technology really advancing human civilisation?’ The answer ignores the fact that we know that electro pollution and light pollution are damaging to our biology and to just about every living organism. A simple look at life expectancy in the US will show you that it has now started to decline. The third leading cause of death in the US is medical intervention. You should expect to see the same statistics in the future in many other ‘advanced’ countries.

We must recognise technology for what it is and the well documented correlation to how it contributes to moving us further away from nature. Life for much of the world has moved indoors, into the power grid, living under artificial lights, in multiple layers of pulsing radio frequencies, staring at computer screens, wearing devices that emit EMF and separating ourselves from the energy connections we have evolved to live under.

Tech growth is very much apparent in India, where for example over the last 20 years or so they have become the hub for technology with businesses worldwide outsourcing call centres. computer programming/testing and other online and remote services. This has brought many people indoors into the increasing fluctuating power grid. During this economic growth phase they have become a world leader also in diabetes with a 10+ fold increase over the last 20 years to over 100 million people (research veganism and EMF for your answer). The UK also shows marked increase in diabetes with 70% over the last 10 years. Elevated blood glucose and diabetes is very closely linked to high EMF environments particularly exposure to dirty electricity (Review work published by Dr Magda Havas) and radio frequencies (cell phones, WiFi etc). We have become so far removed from nature, when we do become sick we now rely on technology to support our lives while still living in our own electro pollution. We are the only animal on the planet which does this. How we treat our environment is biologically unsustainable and the sad thing is, we know this but prioritise economics above health and wellbeing.

Daydreaming Solutions

Drawing this conversation into a more domestic setting I often get asked about solutions using certain plug in devices to help in dealing (suppressing, shielding etc) with neighbours WiFi or the local cell phone tower. A common and well advertised device uses multiple frequencies to mimic nature to help your body deal with the alien non native frequencies from man made sources. But what is this actually doing? It is creating, through manufactured circuit boards an altered attempt at what nature has provided for billions of years that comes from this planet and the immediate universe.

Recognise here that we are after all electromagnetic beings on an electromagnetic planet in an electromagnetic universe and so a basic understanding of our fundamental connection is necessary. Nature versus man made is not comparable. Using technology to combat technology with the pretence that it respects biological and natural health is simply a pocket lining exercise from the high cost for clever marketeers. You can not redesign or mimic nature with technology at this level. You can not replace what nature does for us with a light bulb or a buzzing box in the corner of the living room. Some devices I have purposefully bought to dismantle and test have failed miserably and further research into correlating studies dig up nebulous results and other evidence throws up even more questions. I am not a fan.

I often get asked about these devices, and my stock reply is don't spend money on something that uses circuit board emissions to deal with other circuit board emissions. Instead, spend money on educating yourself about EMFs, learn about distancing, physically shielding to protect and future proof, get out in nature and learn about how that connection works, replace new tech with old and in extreme cases, relocate.

Depending on where health and longevity feature on your priority list and how you regard technology and whether artificial electromagnetic radiation is a pollutant, I’m sure you already know what the answers are.


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