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Taking a step back with wireless tech habits

For many of us the introduction of the mobile phone and other wireless devices has changed many of our habits which have continued to change with the growth and evolution of technology. These subtle upgrades in tech that slip through into our lives also add other subtle changes in our thoughts, actions and habits. One could ask if this type of social ‘nudging’ that is a recognised part of the controlled construct of society is purposeful in its continuous change to move us along in certain directions especially from a technology standpoint. Certainly in recent years the behavioural psychologists employed through government agencies to support the constant barrage of their desired narrative is recognised from the freedom of information requests now available. This brings the understanding of ‘nudging’ into common parlance. One would ask, ‘how long have they been doing this?’

As mobile devices have become more interconnected in our lives, some would say intrusive, the technology changes with how these transmit and connect has not only added more layers of radio frequency into our own energy fields, but they have also formed new behavioural pathways.

The drip fed tech upgrades and massive expansion of apps have altered how we do things, our daily routines, rules we live by, distracted us with purposeful addictive usage, we have become dependent on these devices which overall has made us change habits.

Access to instant news and updates from our close friends to people we only hear about because they are in the public eye, means many of us are distracted waiting for the next valueless notification. Does this mean we are giving up time we used to place on other more creative pursuits?

A mobile phone placed next to you on the table while you eat dinner, has your brain waiting in the background for the ‘ding’ of a new message and so we are never fully present. According to the documentary ‘The Social Dilemma’, this type of psychology was deliberately applied to entice us with calculated timing to keep us scrolling and waiting for the next story. We are without doubt a distracted society full of trained Pavlovian dogs who are herded at the behest of those who seek to manipulate.

Alongside the hankering for the next phone noise, we have turned on more radio frequency in close proximity to ourselves, in our pockets, bags, hands, bras and for men, in a breast pocket near the heart. Does a phone emitting a magnetic field, an electric field and a pulsing radio frequency inches away from the largest electrical and magnetic source in the body of an electromagnetic being have a biological effect? If the blood cells are pulled and pushed with electromagnetic forces, is this not affected by the EMFs of a phone held against the body? What about smart meters, WiFi, electric heaters, solar inverters…..The answers are resounding yeses, from many very knowledgeable people from the last 90 years. Face away from the Western world and in the direction of Russia from the 1930’s to seek your answers. People like George Lakhovsky will start you in the right direction in understanding biology from an electrical outlook.

Meanwhile back in the modern world. Observe what is around you for the clues…

A middle aged couple taking an evening stroll both holding mobile phones in their hands are expecting and anticipating the next interaction with the device. The sounds of the evening are not registering as they hold on to their pacifier which emits alien frequencies that penetrate their hands and bodies.

The lunch time runner carrying a mobile phone in a specially designed pouch in the waist band of their running leggings connects to the Bluetooth earpieces, irradiating the entire upper torso and head. The RF penetrates into the kidneys, pancreas and other organs while being pressed against their body. Their mind on the music feeling happy from their use of tech which eases the burden of the exercise. The benefits of which are negated from the effects of the RF that creates oxidative stresses.

The mother cradling that precious 3 month old baby in a wrap around swaddle holds a phone just above the thin skull of the baby and scrolls through Tik Tok. The multiple layers of pulse modulated radio frequency from the four transmitters envelopes them both entraining their cells into frequencies outside their biological boundaries. The radiation penetrates deeper into the baby than it does the mother due to the delicate tiny body having less water, fat and thinner bones.

We have become blasé and naive about how we use technology and very few of us have even bothered to question how the tech works and whether it is harmful. A mobile phone just sitting there, not connected and turned on to airplane mode, emits high unnatural pulsing frequencies about 6 to 8 inches away. We have become so ignorant about the very basics of our health, what our biology is, how the environment affects it and how we connect to it. Perhaps this was the purposeful nudging over the less few decades that is so evident these days.

For those that have questioned this tech world, they learn how to mitigate, reduce and step away. For those that don’t, the dopamine destruction takes them further and further away across the rubicon. In the aircraft world, there is the point of no return when fuel is too low to get back to the airfield from which it took off. Are you past the point of no return? Do you have the energy and fortitude to back out of the habits and technology that are taking over your lives and through the electromagnetic exposures, separating you further and further away from nature?

We can do this with simple habit changes. It’s habits that took us down this path and recognition of this will allow us to retrace back and break out of some of these routines and patterns to realign back on the return journey to self.

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