Creating low EMF healthy environments

It goes by many different names, but the EMFs we have in our environments, in our homes, work places, schools, trains, buses, cars, airplanes and many other areas we visit all adds up to the same thing:


 - Electrosmog

 - Electro pollution

 - Microwave pollution

 - Electro-stress

 - Radiowave pollution

The result is that our everyday lives are spent in and around manmade EMFs. Our exposures have been documented to show we live in vast amounts of electro pollution that has increased significantly over the last couple of decades. This all started in the late 1800’s with the electric grid and has grown immeasurably since. The last 30 years has seen electro pollution increase many fold as the technology has evolved. Since the introduction of computers, mobile phones and WiFi our exposures in our homes, work places and travelling means we spend so much time in EMFs we are literally losing our electromagnetic connection to the earths natural frequencies. In truth, we have learned to break natures laws.


To help with this understanding, EarthWaves conduct electromagnetic radiation (EMR) surveys to identify the EMFs in your environment. Also called electromagnetic stressors, we provide services to reduce, eliminate or shield you and your family from this electro pollution. If required, after a survey, we document our findings in an easy to read report for you to follow.


Electro Pollution Definition:

Electromagnetic radiation which has a negative effect on the health of living organisms.


​You may be concerned about a cell phone tower nearby, power lines or substations, or what about smart meters, cordless phones, neighbours WiFi, LED street lighting or 5G? You deserve to have a  healthy home so knowing what contributes to our toxic electro smog society is important for ourselves and our families.


So if you are in any doubt, talk to EarthWaves to understand more about these issues and what you can do to create piece of mind. 


​EarthWaves are based on the Kapiti Coast in Raumati South near Paraparaumu. We service the entire country and can travel to your location. 


Amanda from Wellington

I recommend EarthWaves services. Andy was very helpful, is very knowledgable and gave us some great advice. I reckon everyone should turn the wifi off at night at the very least. I'm now really concerned about the roll out of 5G everywhere.

​Angela from Wellington

Andy was so amazing in helping me to reduce the EMFs in our family home! I had no idea there was so many dangers lurking. He helped me choose the biggest problems and showed me how to deal with them, then bit by bit supported and gave me information on getting the whole house protected! I could not have done it without him.

Rebecca from Christchurch

I recently had a phone consult with Andy and was very impressed by the service he offers. He was friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, and the practical information he shared has been invaluable in terms of allowing me to feel like I have more choice and agency with ever increasing technological impositions. I would not hesitate to consult with Andy again and would highly recommend him to others.

“EarthWaves is leading the way with EMF surveys for electromagnetic stressors and supports the growing awareness of EMFs in our communities by creating low EMF healthy homes.”

As part of the light pollution advice given by EarthWaves, we recommend the use of blue light glasses  to protect yourself from the harmful effects of artificial blue light.  EarthWaves can provide blue light glasses as supplied by Rama.


Visit for top quality blue light glasses.

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