EarthWaves is located on the Kapiti Coast in the lower North Island and was set up to help spread awareness to help people understand what electromagnetic radiation is, where your exposures are and how to correct your EMF issues. By providing a combination of detection and remediation services, EarthWaves can help you to identify your EMF exposures and provide practical advice on elimination and reduction. Through helping others in the pursuit of creating healthy environments we are able to reduce levels of exposure creating safe havens for everybody.

Andy Hooley

EMF Specialist

In 2014 I was admitted into hospital and was lucky enough not to have suffered from a stroke. This health event was a blessing in disguise as from this point I learnt to question the ‘system’. In summary, I was thrust a concoction of drugs and was told that I would be on these for life and would only be able to exercise in a limited way. This of course was not the case and with the help of my Natural Therapist wife and inquisitive nature I was off all medication within 6 months. At this point we moved house and our family of four seemed to be constantly sick in our new home, this again was another blessing as this spurred me on to find the problem which was EMF related and then EarthWaves was born. 


Helping and educating people when it comes to health is a natural fit for me as I’ve been fascinated in anatomy and physiology that dates back 35 years. This interest in health saw me previously in a personal training role and active in amateur body building. This interest coupled with my engineering and electrical background and my thirst for knowledge paved the way for EarthWaves and with it came the goal of raising the awareness of EMF in our environment and the antidote of natural living. I have since studied under the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology (BBE) covering Electromagnetics, Electrobiology, Electrical Wiring and Building Sciences.

Available for speaking engagements and presentations covering EMF in our environment, Blue Light and light pollution.

Mobile: 021 250 2993 or Landline: 04 905 3694

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to replace any advice from qualified health care professionals and should not be taken as medical advice.
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