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What is the issue with electromagnetic fields?

Early ancestors of modern humans can be traced back to around 2.5 millions years ago, and from this early time, we have grown and adapted to our environment, learning how to thrive and survive in accordance with the laws of nature. For almost all of human history we have been intrinsically linked to the rhythms of the Earth. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat has been recycled through the eons to support all life on Earth. Alongside this, we are nourished by and live in balance within the electromagnetic spectrum from the Earth and the Sun.


From the first manmade tools, there has been an evolution of technology taking us from basic implements made from stone, all the way through to the modern complexities of artificial intelligence and the expanding wireless digital world we currently know.

After the invention to harness and distribute electricity, mankind has immersed itself in artificial electromagnetic fields or EMFs. During the rollout of the earliest telegraph, telephone and electric network in the USA, there followed an increase in illness and disease that is traceable to the expansion of this network and to the exposure of electric and magnetic fields. Early recognition of symptoms led to a new disease called Neurasthenia in the mid 1800's. Since this time the world has continued to expand its use of EMFs to deliver electricity, radio frequencies, light, microwaves, X-rays and so on. The point has been reached, where we have literally changed the electromagnetic profile of the planet. Every house, every appliance, every device that receives or transmits power uses or emits EMFs. The technology is expanding at a fast pace with the future already mapped to expand into the Internet Of Things (IOT) to make use of the next wireless generation of 5G. Given the development of such technologies as RFID, and the way communication between devices takes place, it is very important to understand and realise that technology has now overtaken and surpassed human evolution. 


What is startling to know, is that all of these manmade generated EMFs operate outside the natural cycle of the Earth. They are referred to as non-native or nnEMFs. Without these unnatural influences, all life on this planet would continue to thrive in connection with the natural frequencies around us. Sitting in our homes or places of work, we are now immersed in numerous pulsing frequencies. We eat, work, travel and sleep everyday in electrified fields, and since the invention of wireless internet transmissions, we now also live bathed in microwave radiation. At this very moment, our bodies are battling and struggling against what is essentially a toxic soup known as electro pollution. The contamination of the natural presence of EMFs has put our bodies and those of all living things under great stress.

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