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Understanding the electromagnetic footprint in your environment is absolutely necessary to ensure the optimal health of you, your family and your home. In a business setting, exposure to EMFs unfortunately can often be much higher. We offer a range of EMF surveys to suit many situations to cover both home and business needs. If you find yourself in the situation of needing to shield and protect your environment from outside EMFs, we can help there too. The electromagnetic stressors we survey cover:


- AC Magnetic Fields 

- AC Electric Fields

- High Frequency (Radio Frequency, Microwave Radiation, Broadcasting Frequency)

- Dirty Electricity

- Light Pollution

- Geopathic Stress

Home EMF Stress Survey

A tailored EMF survey based on your needs and home environment comes with a comprehensive report.
Prices ranges from $250 to $450 depending on the type and size of house, location and boundary area of land.

Or if you prefer a condensed version of the survey and report is available and can be tailored to suit your situation.

Shielding and EMF Protection

If you find yourself in the position of needing to shield rooms in your house from external EMFs, EarthWaves offer consultation assistance and project management services to source, supply, install, test and remeasure based on your shielding needs. Price: All support for remediation and remeasuring are charged at $110/hr*

EMF Rental Kit

For those that wish to look into their own EMF environment, we now offer a rental service so you can measure all the above EMF stressors in one handy kit. Rental of the kit is in blocks of 10 days and requires a fee and a fully refundable deposit. The kit will be couriered out to you and returned the same way with the enclosed prepaid envelope. All instructions are provided in an easy to read format.

Pre-Purchase Survey

If you are thinking about buying a new house, as part of a pre-purchase inspection, consider an EMF survey to understand what electromagnetic exposures there may be in the home and from outside infrastructure. More and more home buyers are specifying EMF Survey as a condition on their sale and purchase agreements. Prices: As per home survey*

New Home, Renovations

and Solar Power

Thinking of building a new home or renovating? Or installing solar power? It is essential that you consider the EMF footprint and how to minimise potential exposure. We offer practical advice on how to achieve this. Get in touch now for a factsheet.

Price: All support and consultations are charged at $110/hr*

Business Survey Package

We spend so much time in an office environment where there can be very high levels of EMFs. We can tailor an EMF survey package for your business to help you create a lower level of electromagnetic stress that everyone can benefit from.

Land Survey

A land atmospheric survey is a great way to understand the EMF profile in your area prior to building a new home. Land survey reports cover the detection of atmospheric EMF and research the area for other electro pollution emissions.

Price: Survey and report from $220*

Telephone Consultation

Trying to get round to everyone in the country can sometimes be a challenge, so we offer a remote consultation to help you through a process of evaluating your own EMF footprint. A telephone consult can take 1 to 2 hours to walk through understanding your EMF situation and how to remediate.

Price: All support and consultations are charged at $110/hr*

Geopathic Stress

If we have run through the gamut of EMF stress points in and around the house and there are still issues, we may be looking at geopathic stress. Call us to understand more about this interesting topic.

This is an RF meter that will measure your high frequency environment. This measures up to 8GHz so it covers the current 5G frequencies. Very easy to use, very sensitive and accurate. Rental fee is by the day.

EMF Rental - Accoustimeter 

*Travel charges may apply.

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