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Health Concerns

Are you and your family healthy and well? Have you become sick recently from moving house or changing jobs? Do you spend lots of time on a computer, phone or other devices? Do you need to improve your sleep? Do you work under fluorescent or LED lights? Do you suffer from anxiety, tinnitus, dizziness, fatigue, brain fog or something more serious? Are you 100% sure your home environment is healthy? 

Now consider the amount of EMF in your environment, in your home, all your electrical appliances and circuits, your wireless routers, smart meters, TVs, DVRs, computers, tablets, cell phones, cordless phones, shavers, electric blankets, hairdryers etc.


Now consider your work environment or when your travel, are you on a train or bus with other people using devices? Do you work in a city, visit shops or malls with free WiFi? When you go on holiday, does your hotel or motel have free WiFi? Everywhere we go, we are bathed in huge amounts of electromagnetic fields and high frequencies. We are completely saturating ourselves in EMF producing technology in every environment where we spend time and every environment is controlled. So a big question needs to be asked, “At what point are we free from EMF and able to reconnect back to nature?” It is very well documented that our natural body rhythms are synchronised with the geomagnetic frequency of the Earth and Sun. It is also well documented how non native EMF affects our biology and our quality of life.

There are manmade EMFs everywhere in modern urban and rural life and we expose ourselves to this invisible and odourless pollution every day. As we move through life with little consideration to the accumulating effects, our biology can react to all of these non native pollutants and affect some people more than others. People who are affected by this have an electro sensitivity which is characterised by symptoms when exposed to wireless technologies and electrical devices. The early name for this was microwave sickness.

In terms of EMF exposure levels and their effects, there are a number of schools of thought and many countries around the world have differing standards. New Zealand follows AUS/NZ joint government standards in this regard, which are ultimately based on international guidelines reflecting only the effects of thermal changes on humans. These guidelines have high limits which are very well challenged by other significant organisations one of which is the Institute of Building Biology and Sustainability. It is these exposure limits that EarthWaves follows alongside our own developed process covering the 4Ds of Diagnose - Distance - Deactivate - Defend.

Whilst at present there is limited exposure of the health impact issue through the media, there is in actual fact a vast network of organisations, scientists and individuals around the world working towards raising awareness and recognition of the harmful effects of accumulating exposure.


EarthWaves are committed to providing support for those that wish to increase their awareness and work towards identifying, reducing and shielding themselves from this increasing threat. Get in touch today if you want to improve your health and vitality and learn more about diagnosing and protecting yourself from electro pollution.


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

 - Nikola Tesla

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Picture by courtesy of We Are The Evidence, the Wireless Technology Injured Advocacy Group

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