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5G and why we should be concerned

This is the big conversation that isn't happening. Well in the mainstream anyway. Scratch the surface on the EMF topic and you will uncover a huge amount of information relating to 5G and why we should be concerned. So what is 5G and what do we need to know?

5G is next generation wireless technology. Offering super fast download speeds and the promise of connecting everything and everyone to a wireless grid. I am choosing my words carefully here as the word ‘smart’ is often used in this context, but to me, it is far from smart. Essentially, it is opening up more faster channels to connect. Imagine a motorway with a lot more lanes and faster traffic getting on, travelling and getting off. So in the proposed 5G world things like pill bottles will automatically send signals to alert you that you need to pick up your next prescription. Or a waste bin that alerts a cleaner so it can be emptied, a dishwasher that comes on automatically, this is the ultimate reality of 5G. So while that opportunity for new tech is enticing to manufacturing companies, for now, they promise big flash concepts like driverless cars that nobody wants, health care technology that they promised with 3G and 4G, and essentially automation of everything, including your job. This is offered to us for our convenience and of course we all demand convenience because this is the way we have been programmed. Essentially, this is so we can free up time to continue to work to pay off our debts from buying the things we don’t need. It suits them to keep us grasping for the next thing and oh boy, what compliant beings we are.

Yes, this is a diatribe about technology and the gullibility of mankind. However, just before you shoot me down, I am not anti technology. I do enjoy some technology and was a big computer buff in the early days and worked in engineering and IT for a long time. But now I have discovered my boundaries, my humanistic, intuitive boundaries. I can see beyond the convenience and need that is pushed on us from very clever marketeers. It’s the next big thing, they say, and we, as compliant salivating humans, oblige and get sucked into their very clever advertisements like obedient pavlovian dogs and eagerly consume.

So where is this leading? Yes, ok, convenience and the many useful ideas that will spawn from this have their place and will benefit somebody somewhere. But ultimately, what I want to direct you to is what is really behind the curtain of the great Oz.

To get this technology up and running takes wireless connectivity and infrastructure. This is were we dig deep. They are connecting all this technology with microwave radiation. More of it, much, much more. Saturating every nook and cranny. This microwave radiation is man made with altered signal characteristics making this alien to our biology and everything on the planet. A study published in the Lancet offers the current figure of microwave radiation to be 1 quintillion times (18 zeroes) greater than in our grandparents time. This is before 5G is even rolled out. Understand here also that 5G won’t just be ground based, it will be beamed from space to each and every corner of the globe. What then will the studies sent to the Lancet say? How many more zeroes of radiation will have to be calculated?

The electromagnetic spectrum that is sliced, diced and allocated to big business for communications completely and wilfully ignores the impacts on nature and by nature I mean everything on the planet including us. In play is a genuine and controlled subterfuge to keep everyone consuming and distracted from asking and understanding the big ultimate question ‘What are the health effects of this technology’. A more astute observer would also ask ‘What will be the effects on geobiology?’

But before someone pipes up to say ‘Well, microwave radiation comes from space’ or ‘radiation from the sun is the same as mobile phone microwaves’. Both statements I’ve heard on current affairs TV programmes. Stop, open a book and go back to the fundamentals of physics to understand the difference between natural and artificial microwaves. Then delve deeper into biophysics to look at the visible light spectrum and the multitude of frequencies every living thing is adapted for.

They tell us that manmade or non native microwave radiation as it is called only has a thermal effect on us, that is to say, only our skin heats up and that heat dissipates at an averaged rate that they have deemed acceptable. Anything under the skin is disregarded. This they worked out decades ago and slid into all relevant national and international organisations and so basically we all follow the same rules. Rules that essentially ensure economic expansion above all else and that includes human health. These very rules, pay absolutely no attention to the differences between children, pregnant ladies, the elderly or the average adult. There is no delineation between our diverse range of ages or our biological condition. Everyone is deemed to be the same regardless of susceptibility or invulnerability.

If you can get past that nugget of information and then dig into the very accessible massive amounts of data on non-thermal effects from EMFs, you will then arrive at the same point that a vast growing number of people are arriving at. Namely, the growth of wireless technology using microwave radiation is a very bad thing indeed. My advice, learn about the inverse square law, how to shield high frequencies, electrobiology, earthing and your own EMF footprint. Then decide if you will take action by asking yourself a question, ‘are you in the passenger seat, or the drivers seat?’.

In drawing this blog to a close. I am not going to present a string of citations and references here. Nor quote the very esteemed and highly educated individuals that are trying incredibly hard to have their voice heard. All this information is out there, everywhere. If you really connect with this message, you will make the time to look.

However, there is a little piece of information that I will leave you with. Have a search on economic growth and health statistics. There have been many studies over the years that highlight a rise in mortality during economic growth and conversely, a drop in mortality rates during times of recession. Similarly with spending on technology, the same increases and decreases in mortality match up. The world has been in constant growth phase for many years, disease rates are very high and climbing, fertility is all time lows in most major countries, suicides are all time highs especially in the youth. Could it be that simple? Do disease statistics from before and after the electric and telecommunications grid emerged show any correlation? Check it out, the answer will open your eyes.


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