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Electron Donors and Electron Thieves

Without a doubt, having a basic understanding of what electrons are and why they are important is an absolute must for everyone. Why we are not taught about how we derive energy from the environment is one of the big misdirections by the mainstream and those that control it. If you knew more about your connection to nature and how your body reads and reacts to the energy around us, it would be a game changer for many. Early research by people like Weston A. Price showed us that societies that worked and lived by natures code were very healthy. But let’s sidestep the lead in literature and jump straight into the rabbit hole as time is precious and the only commodity that we should be trading energy and money for.  So jump over the introductory subjects and know that you have the ability to understand some amazing and necessary bioelectromagnetic facts.

The world of quantum physics should be embraced way before we teach kids how to use a wireless device. The focus of schools enforcing the use of technology is the antithesis of essential knowledge. The great philosopher Rudolph Steiner knew this and through his work that continues to this day, worldwide schools bearing his name carry on this thinking that focuses on natural development over technological knowledge. The disparity between the two broadens the irony that growing technology focuses on the virtues of a wireless connected world but is actually drawing us nearer to a fully disconnected natural world.

So what has this got to do with electrons? 

We use, eat and connect to the earth via electrons. We also gain, share and lose electrons in different circumstances. These incredible negatively charged subatomic particles provide energy to our life. Ignore the constructed food pyramid and the allocation of fats, carbs and protein, look deeper into the structure then recognise that all food comes from the action of photosynthesis. The sharing of sunlight energy from photons provide energy to electrons via the photoelectric effect. Einstein taught us this. 

All life is electromagnetic. The earth is electromagnetic. The universe is electromagnetic.

In our day to day lives, beyond the realms of our known senses, electrons shared with us donate energy to our system and conversely electrons we lose reduce our energy. Using the word ‘shared’ is also a synonym for borrowed as electrons are passed across a long chain of events transforming the energy base of the host for a defined time before moving on in another form.

Recognise that natural elements of life donate electrons to us and the energy we receive creates an energetic connection. We read the energy signature of electrons and our body responds accordingly. This is another one of our senses and one could call this our sixth sense.

The opposite of this is also true, areas of life that are unnatural and negative draw out and steal our electrons. A reduction in electrons lowers our energetic baseline and with that a cascade of events takes place. If each of your cells perform 100,000 metabolic processes every second, and electron energy is utilised across these bioelectromagnetic and biochemical exchanges, how many processes and pathways are interrupted, halted or altered due to a lowered electron footprint? Or even a high proton footprint? From here, over time in a sustained state does this transform into recognisable symptoms from which disease manifests? Interesting questions worthy of a place in the mind during times of peaceful and meditative thought.

We should be paying much more attention to the sources in our environment that we receive electrons from and what sources take our electrons. Ancestrally this was never an issue, we didn't need to know such things as we were always connected to nature. Now, not only do we have the ability to disconnect from nature for long periods but we can also alter our environment which places us in alien electromagnetic landscapes. If you could visually strip away the walls of a house and see all the wiring in all the walls, then visualise the electric fields from this wiring, interlace this with magnetic fields and add other layers to this scene of high frequencies from WiFi, cell phones and dirty electricity. A home then not only becomes an isolation chamber from nature but also a major electron thief. The high levels of positive charge from the electrical and wireless infrastructure and the electrostatic charges from man made materials steal electrons like iron filings to a magnet. Couple this with the light environment through tinted windows, the lack of air flow plus a host of other unnatural conditions and we have ourselves a major contributor to our health.

When we exit our home sanctuary, our travel and work environments also highlight similar if not worse alien energetic landscapes. Have you ever asked yourself the question, ’Does my indoor life contribute to my health or subtract from it?’ Strip away all the technology and infrastructure around us and we remove just about all of the electron thieves in our lives. What remains is part of our adaptation and our intrinsic connection to nature. 

On the flip side

We could also argue that knowing about electrons and protons from an educational point of view shouldn't be necessary. Surely within our biology we have the innate ability to want to be in nature? And just like all animals and plants we should instinctively connect with our natural environment and through our instincts, know that moving away from nature is detrimental. I believe that within us we have a knowing and longing towards this state, but through the modern controlling agendas with advancing technology and the purposeful consumeristic propaganda, misdirects us all into an alternate reality. This reality is a technocratic world that has no room for instinct, intuition or nature at least for the masses. 

The sooner we realise the past decades have moved us towards a direction that is outside the bounds of what our biology is designed for, the sooner we can rebuild the natural senses within us and the true connection to our electromagnetic source we all share.

For this we need to unlearn what we think to be true and relearn what we know to be true.  


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