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Sometimes you just have to use what you can

A lovely holiday home nestled in the hills above the beaches of Noosa in Australia, a winter break from New Zealand, quietness broken with very active birds, low season with fewer people, less cell phone towers, no houses being built next door. Peace. But only to a point.

For those who are aware of EMF and want to avoid it where possible, peace is something we need to put some effort into.

When travelling with my EMF work or on family holidays, one of the first things I do when getting to new accommodation after unloading luggage is to check out the EMF of the place. My preferences on types of accommodation are houses rather than apartments or motel rooms. With a standalone house, you generally have access to the switchboard, router and TVs which means you have more control over the EMF footprint. This has worked on many occasions and I have been able to minimise exposures in most situations.

I do travel with additional bits and pieces to help with dealing with EMFs. Apart from some basic measuring gear, I always take a 1 sqm of shielding material and a router cover. When not travelling overseas I take other things like incandescent light bulbs and USB amber lights as most accommodation options all have LED bulbs which is just another thing to avoid.

The router cover is very useful to reduce the radiation from the WiFi. Some routers can emit very high levels of radio frequency (RF). The router in our first accommodation was a broadband router which connects both to the local cell phone network for an internet connection and then also broadcasts a WiFi signal. Under the plastic outer cover of these routers are seven antennas configured and connected in different orientations. A router cover over the top markedly reduces the wireless radiation, but not completely. They are designed to let some signal through to still let you connect and being a fine nickel copper polyester mesh, they still allow for airflow for cooling.

If you don't want to turn off your WiFi and cable in all your devices, then a router cover is essentially a daytime solution, your nighttime solution should always be to turn off the WiFi router at the wall.

On arrival at our second accommodation, I identified the router and saw that I could cover it over and then turn off at night. I check the smart TV's and see that they both emit a WiFi signal. Easy to eliminate the RF, just turn off at the wall. A quick check of the washing machine, fridge and main light bulbs to see if they are WiFi enabled which they weren't. Further checking reveals there are no other WiFi devices. However, on measuring over our bed there was a very high pulsing 10,000 µw/m2 (microwatts per meter squared) WiFi signal. So, an RF investigation was needed.

Personally I don't want either myself, my wife or kids to sleep in levels of manmade RF greater than 1 µw/m2. So 10,000+ is an absolute no no. I had a health event 10 years ago which had me in the hospital lucky to be alive. So paying attention to my environment is a no brainer. I had a carotid artery dissection which over a 2 month period got worse and worse and after a misdiagnosis from my incompetent doctor I ended up curled up in a ball with monstrous head pain unable to move. The hospital diagnosed my condition and spouted lots of nonsense at me about being on pills for life and told me such things like my blood pressure and carotid artery issues are not related! They even tried to tell me I was depressed and wanted me to take anti depressants with the awkward shuffling head of neurology saying to me "We hand these out like smarties''. His exact words.

After my health event I was on a search for what went wrong. After much reading, researching, meditating and open thought, long story short, I came across earthing which led me into our electromagnetic connection. This I realised had been my undoing, even though I was fit and exercised regularly for years and also ate well. It turned out the food pyramid I followed was a crock and my EMF and light environment sucked. My carotid artery disease at the age of 44 was a wake up call that taught me that I wasn't connected to my natural environment and my body was struggling to cope. This series of awakening taught me more about myself and health than any doctor could hope to achieve.

In searching the Noosa house with my RF meter, looking in every room and cupboard for anything that transmits, I came up with nothing. Stepping outside, the RF was very low so it wasn't cell phone towers or other outside antennas. The focus for the RF was only in our bedroom, the other bedroom where our girls were to sleep was low. So narrowing the search to what is coming in through the walls, ceiling and floor brought me to a single area on the wall near my side of the bed. With the RF meter up against the wall, bingo! 120,000 µw/m2. Bit of a surprise I have to say as the walls in the house are thick concrete so whatever is behind the wall in the neighbours room is kicking out some serious RF. These are townhouses and joined together which is something I tend to avoid but having been here before, we knew about the thick walls of the buildings, the protective foliage outside and the lack of cell towers in the area.

The house next door was unoccupied so they have obviously left something turned on close to their wall that is blasting RF onto our bed. This could be one of a number of devices like Apple TV, a router, Alexa, Sonos speakers etc which all emit very high levels. Whichever it is, I wanted to shield this area to create a safer sleeping space.

In this situation, as I didn't have enough shielding material with me, I opted for aluminium foil and masking tape which is an easy and cheap option. Finding the centre of the radiation with my RF meter then measuring along the wall about a meter away to find low levels. I then taped aluminium foil to the wall in 6ft strips across an area about 1.5m around the centre point, I also doubled it up over the high spot then taped my one sqm piece of shielding material to the area too. This dropped the RF significantly down to around 2µW/m2 over the bed. A great result.

emf protection nz new zealand shielding cell tower wifi radiation health EHS

This situation to many may seem quite ludicrous, and that's absolutely fine. After all, understanding effects of RF and EMF basically fall into a belief camp. In the absence of the immediate feeling of effects or ill health for the lucky ones, it comes down to what you ultimately believe to be true. Do you believe the government and the private telecoms groups that created and govern the exposure standards whose personnel have massive conflicts of interest? Or do you believe the independent groups led by PHd's and scientists who have petitioned the WHO and the U.N. for years about increasing safety standards in relation to RF exposure? It isn't difficult to find the complete lack of safety studies on RF and also to uncover the extent of research into the harmful effects that dates back to the 1930's.

Personally, my belief system is underpinned by my intuition and instinct which recognises that nature is perfect and that we are designed to be connected to our source. Conversely man made interruptions to our electromagnetic sensory systems do in fact have a biological toll. Just because we can make this technology, doesn't mean its safe. A word we hear too much from every angle.

I'm very grateful that I have both the knowledge and the equipment to manage my EMF environment and that I have learned to connect and listen to my gut, brain and intuition. This is something we all need to do by questioning what we see and feel within our surroundings. Inside all of us is this 'instinctual knowing' that our ancestors relied on and used very effectively. For those that want to connect to this inner being, we need to wake this dormant but incredible sense that we have been redirected from and misinformed about.


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