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Brainwashing by design

I was very fortunate recently to have a holiday in the Maldives. From a biohackers point of view, being 4° north of the equator, high levels of UV light, lots of seafood, grounding, swimming in the sea and sunrises it is a redox increasing paradise. The intensity of the solar experience here is unlike what you get at a 42° latitude where I currently live. So for me, the time spent over the last three years putting into practice what I’ve learned about our solar connection made for a truly enjoyable and soul connecting time being at a latitude where human life originated.

My mindfulness with being here meant that I also observed others in this environment so you can imagine my level of disbelief on this incredible island at the vast number of people who are truly disconnected from the location, energy and relevance of the place by staring at cell phones.

Our island was a typical white sand beach with crystal clear waters. A truly idyllic memory making island in the Indian Ocean. Being an EMF guy, the first thing I spot on the boat ride in from the mainland is the cell phone towers on every island. Sufficiently placed to form a chain of wireless distraction for holiday makers. That was a big disappointment for me, a tower on my island, the islands either side with their towers. What they don't show you in the brochures of the spectacular over water bungalows are the towers in the background!

Personally, I want to be away from this stuff, it’s a long way to travel on boats, planes, buses and trains over 25 hours to find you are meters away from a cell tower and large WiFi antennas. The island as you would expect had free WiFi boosted everywhere, which is now demanded by travellers. The signals reached everywhere on the island. I located many of the antennas in the common areas so knew where not to sit or spend time. By creating this island wireless network as you would expect, means people connect to it and use it frequently.

My first morning, I wake up naturally just before sunrise and luckily the sun rose for us on our side of the island. Having taken in my circadian setting, hormone producing blue light, I hang around knowing red light is abundant and my body is soaking it in like a lizard on a rock. This is part of the body recalibration for the location and skin pre-conditioning for the high UV light that is to come. It is probably about 6:30am and the first of the other guests come out to wander the beach. What sets the scene for the remainder of the holiday is a couple, in sandals, all covered up, with hat and sunglasses. Walking down the white sand in the usual pose of one hand holding a phone to their face. And this is all I see on the trip, people walking, sitting on the beach, or by the pool, in the bar, at night, just staring into their phones.

If these people are using their phone for the DMinder app then I apologise, I suspect however that they aren't and social media is highly likely the thing this is grabbing their low dopamine attention.

I want to grab everyones phones and throw them in the sea, I want to shake them by the shoulders and say, “Wake up, you have been brainwashed. That little flashing device is purposefully designed to grab your attention and not let go. It is lowering your ability to connect and function in this world. You are disconnected from the very energies that sustain your life, you should be here to reconnect to nature to rewild yourself not staring into that damn phone!”

A couple of years ago there was the pokemon craze. A mobile phone game chasing cartoon monsters in different locations which they called augmented reality. Augmented means to make something bigger and better. It was a fictitious character on a screen which is hardly revolutionary. They did that on TV in 1964 with Mary Poppins. In fact during this craze there were many reported injuries and crimes associated with pokemon game chasers. If something is that distracting and you can’t see that you have walked out onto a busy road, then you really are a contender for the Darwin Awards. I was in Australia around the height of the craze and one day had a trip to a small seaside town north of Brisbane. What was taking place there blew my brains and still to this day has me recoiling with surreal memories. In the high street, literally 90% of the people were all holding phones up chasing these characters. All completely and utterly immersed in the game. Its as though everyone was possessed like background actors in a Stephen King horror movie. I felt like I was living in an alternative dimension. It was a clear example of brainwashing by design.

When next out in a food court or other communal eatery take a look around you. There are kids in prams given phones to stare at for distraction, there are toddlers in highchairs watching flashing screens, kids holding phones content at the colourful imagery and happy parents sat beside them who look relaxed that they can have conversations without being interrupted. If health and longevity are part of your basic instincts, then this type of activity is not going to contribute to that, in fact quite the opposite is true.

Also if you are out to dinner have a look at other couples. It’s really interesting to watch the discomfort people have when they suddenly find themselves alone at a table as their partner pays a visit. In no time at all the phone that was alongside their neatly placed cutlery is picked up and the need for a quick distraction on social media begins Our habits with using our devices has us so hooked we look to them to make us feel more comfortable in perceived uncomfortable situations.

Technology at this level of interaction is a complete and utter distraction and disconnection from real life. Our intrinsic connection to life on earth is to the real sensory frequencies and EMFs in which all life thrives. the message is really quite simple. The further we immerse ourselves in technology, the greater distance we create between ourselves and the laws of nature. Only one will win, take a guess which one that is.

Game developers from tech companies knowingly design this stuff to get your attention and hold on to it. They programme these from a base of knowledge on psychology and biology, and they know how to drip feed you dopamine hits to keep you hooked. They hold patents on blue lit technology because they know it connects you electrochemically to a screen. It turns out a smart phone is a basic tool for manipulation and marketing with phone call capabilities.

What is the upshot of all this? Where will it lead? What is happening to our biology as we separate ourselves from the natural environment that regulates and sustains our life?

At the end of the day, we have taken technology way past the level of our evolution. We started doing this with the rollout of the electric grid and things have snowballed since then. We are not designed to have blue light at night or to take unnatural hits of dopamine from an artificial screen. We are designed to live in natures cycles taking software downloads from the sun and the electromagnetic frequencies that programme us for life. Unfortunately we have this fatty mass in our heads called a brain which has allowed us to break all of natures rules.


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