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EMF experiment with rice and water

I did an experiment once. Actually I’ve done a few, putting organic living materials in the vicinity of EMFs and seeing what happens. It’s really quite interesting. Who needs expensive double blind clinical trials in nnEMF and nnLight from biased scientists telling us what to believe!

At the time I was interested if the modem/router would do anything to some organic substance, in this case it was just plain old white rice. So I put the same amount of rice in filtered water into two separate sealed jars. I placed one in a low lit, low EMF location in my bedroom where power is turned off every night and during the day electric and magnetic fields are extremely low.

The other I placed next to our router behind the couch in a corner of the living room in an equally dark spot. We don’t use WiFi so the experiment was only concerned with the other EMFs, mainly strong magnetic fields. The measurements around the router showed large very short bursts of magnetic fields from very low up to 120 mG and an electric field measuring around 35 V/m. Dirty Electricity measurements are low as we run filters in the house. The router is always turned off at night and usually turned back on in a morning around 10am. So overall exposures on average would be around 12 to 14 hours per day with perhaps the odd day in the week with no exposure at all.

I didn’t know how long to leave them, so I just waited and waited till I had the time and inclination to look at them to photograph and write it up. So in the end both jars were untouched for 146 days.

When the jar located in the low EMF area was opened we had water that is mostly clear and the smell was only slightly off, certainly not that unpleasant.

When the jar located by the router was opened, the water was very cloudy and the whole thing smelled very rancid. It wasn’t a smell that I wanted in the house, that’s for sure. The rice also was more mushy and just generally decomposing.

While this may be not as dramatic as cress seeds and WiFi (see, it still shows that there is possible effect on organic material in a high EMF area. Now the question is, was it the water that went bad or the rice? My guess is the water was the catalyst for the rice. Pure speculation, but still its an interesting hypothesis and worthy of further experimentation.

So what is the takeaway? Ask yourself a question, if it's the water that goes bad in a magnetic field and we are mostly water. Then what happens to us if we sleep in a similar or weaker field? Will it have the same effect? AC Magnetic fields will after all penetrate just about anything while expanding and collapsing 50 times a second inducing electric fields in the body. From my standpoint, it's a no brainer.


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